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SART kompani in collaboration with David Alræk
Co-produced by Carte Blanche

We Who Are Not You is a performance based on a crucial meeting between contemporary dancer Sara Røisland Torsvik and predecessor Miriam Skjørten, a pioneer within contemporary dance in Norway. Torsvik explores her own position in dance history and in the world through meetings with Skjørten, which amongst others formed the path Torsvik moves on.

The performance is also about creating, about doubt and the desire to tell and share a story. The performance explores a transparent meta-element that invites the audience into the process of how we develop a performance. Initiated by the meeting between two dance artists, the performance explores how we humans want to create, tell a story and in what way we want to share that story. We invite the audience to join us in an open space where the research and exploration is more important than the answers, and the process is the result. Welcome to a room with space to breathe, reflect and feel the meeting between two lives in dance.

Idea, concept and choreography: Sara Røisland Torsvik

Concept, video and sound design: David Alræk

Scenography: Silje Sandodden Kise

Light design: Randiane Sandboe

Composer: Alf Lund Godbolt

Producer: Ingvild Bjørnson
Production: SART kompani

Co-producer: Carte Blanche
Source of inspiration and contributor: Miriam Skjørten

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