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Kvinnereller Performing Arts Company

Kvinnereller performing arts company is founded by dance artists Brita Grov and Sara Røisland Torsvik. They are both educated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and now based in Bergen, Norway. 


An Effort to Define the Undefinable Woman

In An Effort to Define the Undefinable Woman Kvinnereller Performing Arts Company invites the spectators to take part in a reflection about what it is to be a woman. When the doors open the audience meet the sound of a pulsing heart and two women on a naked floor. The traditional amphitheater has been removed and the audience sits in a circle visible to everyone present. This exposure to visibility leads to both self-awareness and vulnerability. During playful parts of the performance, laughter quickly spreads in the circle among the audience. The 60-minute performance is choreographed and performed by dance artists Brita Grov and Sara Røisland Torsvik.


«Se//Sett#Se» is a contemporary dance performance for youths aged from 13 years and up. The performance asks questions about how one looks at oneself and how society colors one’s self-image. The company will lead a follow-up conversation with the students and teachers, about how they experience the work and what they saw. In this workshop, the students will participate in creating their own dance movements based on the reflections from the discussion.

Performed at schools and theaters. 

For more information, email us on: 

Kvinnereller LIVE

Foto: BA, Skjalg Ekeland

The International Day of Dance is normally celebrated in Bergen with hundreds of people dancing together in different parts of the city centre.

For the year of 2020 this was not possible due to the world pandemic. Kvinnereller Performing Arts Company decided to celebrate the Day of Dance by dancing their way through the streets of Bergen and sharing the joy of dance through a two hour live stream and enjoyed by people all over the world. 

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