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Photo: Gunnbjørg Johannessen

SART solo

An interpretation of complete presence. A choreography based on observations and reflections using the methodology of El Cuerpo Que Crea (The Body That Creates) with guidance from Carlos Ramírez.

Photo: David Alræk

Sara og Miriam i hagen.png

The main project of SART company in 2021. 

A collaboration with director and film artist David Alræk and pioneer of modern dance in Norway, Miriam Skjørten.

Photo: Alistair Wroe

The Sea Witch

Choreographed in collaboration with dance artist Alistair Wroe and composer Zillah Myers. The performance was first performed in London with the London Consorts of Winds in March 2017.

Photo: Angela Slater

The Glaciate Falls.jpeg
The Glaciate Falls

A performance exploring the imagery of a waterfall gradually freezing and the energy of its movement transforming into crystallised ice structures. 

A collaboration with composer Angela Slater (UK)

Photo from the opening of Bergen Airport 2017.

Choreography for Medvind Eventbyrå AS performed to live music by Datarock.

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