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SART Kompani

SART Company was established in 2019 by Norwegian artist Sara Røisland Torsvik. Torsvik works conceptually by exploring and expanding the frames around the performance and collaborating cross-aesthetically, in dialogue with different art forms in a hybrid-scenic language. The creations explores existential themes, such as absolute presence, identity and (bodily-)memories, and seeks the real, unrefined expression.

Photo: Gunnbjørg Johannessen

Sara Røisland Torsvik

Sara Røisland Torsvik is a researcher of performing arts from Norway and is the artistic director and creator of SART. She also works freelance with her base in Bergen. Torsvik has her BA(hons) in contemporary dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. She apprenticed with the British/Canadian Company SQx Dance in Canada. As a performer, Torsvik has been working for Lizzi Kew-Ross & Co. (UK), Nutshell Dance Company (UK) and Mari Woll (NO) amongst other companies / choreographers. The latter years she has been spending a lot of time in Colombia where she has been investigating through the methodology El Cuerpo Que Crea (The Body that Creates) developed by Carlos Ramírez and is a part of the Colective of El Cuerpo Que Crea. 


In addition to her own company SART kompani, Torsvik is the co-founder of Kvinnereller Company of Performing Arts which she leads together with Brita Grov.

Torsvik received the Bergen municipality's establishment grant in 2019 and was a part of the Cultural Council's development program Ovation. In addition she took part of ProProdusenten 2020 with SART kompani.

Photo: Gunnbjørg Johannessen

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